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Weight Loss Kit

Weight Loss Kit

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M'lis All Natural Weight Loss has everything your body needs to safely drop unwanted pounds faster. Promotes clean living, increases your energy and trims stubborn fat, providing you with visible, long lasting results. Completely all natural and guaranteed pure. 

M'lis All Natural Weight Loss Kit is effective on it's own, but produces even better results, when used right after the M'lis Detoxification or Total Body Cleanse. After you finish Detoxification your body will already be in cleansing mode. This will encourage your body to use up unwanted fat at a faster, healthier pace.

✪7 Keto- A Metabolism boosting and fat burning powerhouse, 7-Keto DHEA helps improve lean body mass, trim the bulge from your belly and promote increased energy levels. (It is a non-hormonal Metabolite)

✪Green Coffee Bean Extract- These unroasted beans turn up the heat on fatty deposits. Containing chlorogenic acid, it encourages the body to use unwanted fat for energy. You’ll get slimmer and have more energy to show it off!

✪Raspberry Ketones- Beyond their amazing natural flavor and scent, raspberry ketones enable your body to burn fat easier.

✪Extra Strength Tonalin CLA- CLA is the quick fix way to say Conjugate Linoleic Acid. The way to describe how you feel when it speeds up weight loss and keeps fat cells from getting bigger is simply a smile.

✪Appetite Appeaser & Suppressant- This proprietary blend helps reduce your calorie intake and waistline by suppressing immediate “feed me now” urges.  PLUS appeasing the appetite all day long by stabilizing blood sugar levels. 

M'lis All Natural Weight Loss Instructions:


  1. WEIGHT LOSS PACKS Take one (1) pack before breakfast and one (1) pack before lunch to drop unwanted pounds - faster.
  2. GET TRULY CLEAN (see below) - Eliminate substances and toxins that keep your body from slimming down.
  3. SNACK ON, BEAUTIFUL- Healthy snacking helps to even blood sugar levels, reducing hunger spikes and cravings. Between meals reach for fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, M'lis Daily Antioxidant EssentialsM'lis Heart Healthy Essentials and M'lis Instant Meal.

Get Truly Clean

Real, whole foods are the foundation for a clean body and long-term wellness. They are unprocessed and nutrient dense, loaded with vitamins and minerals. Meals should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.

Adequate sleep(typically 8 hours) and exercising at least 30 minutes each day rejuvenates the system of the body so they can remain clean, active and healthy without toxic, energy-boosting substitutes.

Water purifies and enhances the body's ability to stay clean. Drinking at least 64 oz. of pure water daily is vital to wellness. 

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