Round the Clock Holiday Set

Round the Clock Holiday Set


  • $132.00


Oat Cleansing Facial Polish (2.0 oz): Gentle enough for daily use, this 3-in-1 cleanser, scrub and mask uses Oats and exfoliating Jojoba Beads to promote soft, supple and radiant skin.

Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream (0.33 oz): A nourishing, deeply moisturizing cream that contains Calendula Extract to soothe dry, sensitive skin and Borage Seed Oil to help soften the skin.

Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil (1.0 oz): A calming and soothing blend of hydrating seed oils to nourish the skin and relieve redness caused by dry skin with Carrot Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Seed Oil.

Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum (.33 oz): A potent daily serum formulated to firm, brighten and protect the skin while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A powerful blend of 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E and Oat Beta Glucan helps even skin tone and promote elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid adds essential moisture and helps calm irritation.

Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum (0.5 oz): An illuminating serum that helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Combines Vitamin K with light-refracting Mica and Silica.

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