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RF 80 Concentrate Vials

12 vials of RF Concentrate for thinning hair treatment.
  • Works to strengthen hair and maximize hair health
  • Neutralizes the factors that cause reactional thin hair
  • Encourages microcirculation, increasing nourishment
  • Nourishes the hair bulb, promoting healthy, strong hair before it even begins to grow
  • Protects the hair bulb, allowing it to grow to its full potential

The treatment maximizes the hair bulb's nutrition by densifying the scalp's vascular network and stimulating its circulation. RF 80 is very concentrated in nutritive elements, promotes hair growth and fights tissue aging to help the growth of healthy, strong hair. After just the 1st regimen, 84% of people experienced positive results. Ideal for:Thinning & Hair Loss.
Use RF80 once a week for 3 months. Apply section by section to a clean scalp. To help the product penetrate, massage it in. Do not rinse.