Mighty Mint Rescue Cream

Mighty Mint Rescue Cream


  • $39.00

(Previously called "Peppermint Foot & Body Cream") This multi-purpose rescue cream combines icy Peppermint to soothe muscle strain by creating surface anesthesia as well to calm tension headaches and digestive upsets with penetrating Menthol. Fortified with Horse Chestnut, this energizing formula helps stimulate circulation and invigorate overworked hands and feet.

Prized by herbalists as the "Swiss Army Knife" of natural healing, Peppermint has traditionally been a popular home remedy. The cooling action of icy Menthol gives this multipurpose cream a variety of uses. 


PEPPERMINT: Cooling Menthol and Camphor make this herb the perfect remedy for a variety of ailments such as stress-related headaches and muscle pain. Studies demonstrate Peppermint provides analgesic and anesthetic effects in the central and peripheral nervous system. Peppermint is an effective anti-spasmodic. Several studies show  that it is an effective remedy in the treatment of IBS and is also helpful in calming digestive upsets and nausea. The scent of Peppermint has been shown to enhance memory and increase alertness.

HORSE CHESTNUT: Renowned for its ability to improve circulation and vascular health. Soothes fatigued legs and feet. Studies suggest that topical Horse Chestnut may reduce lower leg swelling.

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