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Healthy Feet Foot Balm

2.55 fl oz. 

ACTIVE HERB: Calendula
Dry Skin -Moisturizing, reconditioning, softening, antibacterial and deodorizing.
Kneipp Healthy Feet Foot Balm, formulated with valuable ingredients, is the perfect daily treatment for rough and sore feet. While natural calendula extract soothes and reconditions, Rosemary essential oil stimulates and invigorates tired feet. Horse chestnut extracts balance and hydrate cracked and rough feet. Kneipp Healthy Feet Foot Balm also contains Thyme oils which not only deodorize feet, but also keep them odor-free. Additonally, Sweet Almond Oil containing Vitamin E helps regulate natural skin moisture level. This light massage cream will ease the pains of the day-wellness for your feet!

For daily moisture care, massage into feet and between toes. To alleviate cracked skin, apply a thick layer and let absorb slowly. Use for a revitalizing massage on tired, aching feet.