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Encore OM4 PROTECT: SunSecure Mineral SPF 30


PROTECT More than your average SPF! Protect your skin from the environment and minimize photo-aging with OM4's unique Broad Spectrum SPF 30. More than a natural broad-spectrum SPF 30. Introducing OM4’s EcoShield™ GUARD Red Algae Extract and Zinc Oxide – Deflects harmful UVA/UVB radiation, naturally, and prevents photo aging. BRIGHTEN Thiotaine® – a natural amino acid that prevents collagen degradation and hyperpigmentation by chelating copper, inhibiting Melanin and Tyrosinase production and stimulating cellular repair. IMPROVE Moluccana Seed Oil and Phellodendrom Amurense Bark Extract – precludes transepidermal water loss; soothes and moisturizes chapped, dry skin.