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Encore OM4 PREVENT: Eyebright Age Defying Moisture Complex

Encore OM4 PREVENT: Eyebright Age Defying Moisture Complex

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Evening eye hydration dramatically reduces eye puffiness and circles upon waking. Eyebright, Elderflower, Acai and Cucumber reduce inflammation and dark circles while oxygenating and lifting the skin. Kukui Nut and Jojoba oils are blended to deeply hydrate and protect from environmental damage. Botanicals from each of the four core skin type proprietary blends are added to this potent bioactive eye cream, making for an amazing and lengthy list of ingredients. But, don’t let all that content scare you. By adding proprietary actives from each of our skin-type specific core collections, we have created an action-packed, comprehensive eye cream that will work its magic while you sleep.

KEY ACTIVES Eyebright - Anti-inflammatory, astringent. Reduces puffiness and restores brightness to the eye contour area. Kakui Nut Oil - Luxurious, highly absorbent emollient. Used by Polynesians to prevent sun damage. Fennel - Natural cleanser and detoxifier. Improves skin tone. Kiwi - Potent fruit acid high in Vitamin C. Improves fine lines and minimizes pores.

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