Rosehip Seed Facial Oil

Rosehip Seed Facial Oil


  • $69.00

(Previously called "Geranium Regenerating Serum") A radiance-boosting blend of rejuvenating seed oils that promotes firmer, younger-looking skin. Rosehip Seed Oil and balancing Geranium Oil help slow the signs of premature aging.

HERO INGREDIENT: Everlasting Oil, also known as Helichrysum or Immortelle, helps scars and other spots on the skin fade by facilitating blood circulation just below the surface of the skin. It also helps to make melanin uniform.

EVERLASTING OIL: This oil is used for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and therapeutic healing properties.
ROSEHIP SEED OIL: Rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids), powerful antioxidants (Lycopene) and Vitamins (Vitamin A and Beta Carotene), this lightweight oil helps soothe, repair and prevent damage from free radicals.
GERANIUM: Antiseptic and astringent, this plant extract brings a radiant glow to your skin.
POMEGRANATE: A potent antioxidant with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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