Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream

Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream


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  A rich, vitamin-packed cream that helps visibly improve skin firmness, elasticity and radiance with Cassis Oil, Vitamin B Complex and 10% Hyaluronic Acid.

HERO INGREDIENT: Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a component of the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and a naturally occurring polysaccharide, is the body’s built-in water magnet. It reinforces the skin’s short- and long-term moisturization, helps plump up tissue to restore elasticity, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


HYALURONIC ACID (HA): Known for its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, this ingredient helps the skin retain moisture.

CASSIS (Black Currant Oil): This seed oil is a rich source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) and important polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3, known to soothe and improve the skin's resilience.

VITAMIN E: A powerful antioxidant, this vitamin helps fight free radical damage.

VITAMIN B COMPLEX: B vitamins improve the skin’s ability to take up oxygen and help keep the production of sebum at appropriate levels. Application of a Vitamin B Complex to the skin increases resistance to irritation by noxious chemicals and makes this ingredient essential as a “Big City” protective cream.




“This is the best moisturizer I have ever used” - H. (customer)


“My skin felt so wonderful after using the Cassis Ultra Replenishing Cream. It seemed to achieve a perfect balance. Felt moisturized without feeling greasy and created a radiant glow. My skin has never felt or looked better!” - Andrea (customer)

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